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NBA Live Mobile Hack For Unlimited Resources

The Slam Dunks and Ball Play of NBA Live Mobile Hack

Video gaming opens up a totally whole new world of virtual reality. One tends to get sucked into the ‘other world’ with thousands of games under a variety of genres that get released year after year. Following the tradition, NBA Live is a series of basketball video games published by EA Sports. The series, which has had releases annually from 1994–2009 and 2013–present, is the successor to EA's previous NBA Playoffs and NBA Showdown series. Live, primarily competes with the NBA 2K series and formally NBA Shoot Out. NBA Live is now mobile! Yes! It is compatible on iOS and android platforms! So what are you waiting for? Get going and start scoring baskets and do so much more!


NBA Live Mobile offers three modes of play:

  • A14-game season, with three-game playoffs against AI teams;
  • Live Event Drills, where players try to hit a specific statistical objective;
  • head-to-head games against other users.

Currency earned through play as well as real money, allows players to acquire top performers and construct a winning club along EA Sports' Ultimate Team model.

Why would you need an NBA Live mobile hack at all?

Everything said and done, NBA Live mobile hack(s) is/are required if you want to increase your NBA cash and coins. In spite of having three dimensional environments to play, you need real NBA live mobile hack to upgrade many items without actually spending real money. Many people try to reach new levels to boost the overall rating which is considered to be a good sign for enhancing the line-up. Hence by having the NBA live mobile cheats in your android or iOS devices, you can win more matches and with great ease.

NBA LIVE Mobile cheats and tips

If you have trouble with NBA LIVE Mobile, you will be glad to hear that there are a few highly useful cheats not only to earn extra coins, but also to make sure you will own the best players possible!You can also find some useful options like Unlimited Coins, Unlimited NBA Cash, Unlimited Stamina, Double XP etc. Hacking with NBA LIVE Mobile Cheats is very easy. You must perform only two steps: select your device and add in-game values. Since NBA LIVE Mobile Cheats application is scanned by the best antiviruses, you do not expose your mobile device to any damage

  • One of the first cheats to take advantage of is related to the ways you can earn some extra coins. Even though you get coins for every match played, be it a loss or a win, there are some hidden options for more coins. Say, you go to the achievements panel found at the top left side of the screen, you will notice how each achievement has some reward assigned to it. If you manage to complete any of these, you get rewarded with coins, and some of the trickier ones will also get you player packs!
  • To get even more packs for free, you can play the Obstacle Drill each day and successfully complete it. You will get a chance at earning a free pack, some trophies or coins as a reward. Practices are generally a good way to get coins and packs at a fast rate, so don’t forget about them!
  • In case you got bored of your chosen team, NBA Live Mobile has a hidden cheat that allows you to change this team to any other, without a fee. Voila! You can find this in the Options screen, in the second row, in a little harder-to-notice-part- of the menu. The events in the game will then change accordingly.

Increasing Resources using NBA Live mobile cheats

  • Firstly, download the NBA live and install in on your smartphone to generate the required amount of items for your account.
  • There is no rooting required as it works on all phones
  • Make sure you have the latest version of the game. The NBA live mobile hack is regularly updated according to the new releases.

How to hack NBA live mobile – Using NBA Live Mobile Cheats Tool

Using the live NBA mobile cheats is very easy. All you have to do is identify the website of the developer from where you want to download the tool. Then follow the instructions on the webpage, most of which would be almost similar – click the “start online hack” button and you will be taken to an online generator page. There you have to do few things like entering your NBA live mobile username, selecting your device and clicking on the connect button. These steps should be self-explanatory once you fix the website from where you would be downloading the tool. If your account is connected successfully then you have to select items that you want free of cost. Finally, you have to click on “start hack” button. That’s it and you are done. After few seconds restart your game and you will see that all items have been added to your account. Simple, isn’t it?

Features of NBA Live mobile cheats tool

  • Add unlimited coins
  • Add unlimited NBA cash
  • Add unlimited stamina
  • Supports iOS and android platforms
  • Safe and undetectable
  • Noob – friendly

How to use NBA LIVE Mobile Cheats Hack Tool using your computer

Run it on your computer as an administrator
-Connect your mobile device to your computer via USB
-Choose your devices’ OS (Android/iOS)
-Enter which item you want to cheat on the game and tick the checkbox
-Click the START CHEAT Button
-Wait for the processing result

NBA Live Companion App

The NBA LIVE Companion app goes one notch up and includes exclusive GameFace HD feature, taking personalization to the next level. This easy-to-use mobile face scan features the same server-based tech used to process scans of NBA players. You’ll be able to create a player who looks just like you. 

The NBA LIVE 16 Mobile companion app is available for most new Android and iOS devices. If you are having trouble downloading or loading the app, check for your device and operating system below.




Recommended devices

iPhone 5s, 6s, 6s Plus ; iPad Air 1, 2 ; iPad Mini 2, 3 ; iPod 6



Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S6 edge; Nexus 6 ; htc One M8, M9; LG G3


O/s software

iOS 8.0+ ; OpenGL3


Android 4.4+ ; OpenGL3


How to scan your face using the GameFace feature with the NBA live companion app?

Want to see yourself play in the virtual world of your most favorite game? Make use of the GameFace feature offered by NBA live companion app!! As mentioned above, this feature lets you scan your face and customize your player. You are now an actual player in the field. How is that!?

To take the best scan of your face:

  • Remove any glasses, and/or accessories from your face.
  • Avoid making weird expressions.
  • Hold your phone parallel to your face, not at an angle, to get the full front picture of your face.
  • Find a spot with even lighting on your face. Avoid bright spots or dark shadows.
  • Adjust the phone so your face fills the white circle.
  • The scan starts automatically once the phone detects your face.
  • Keep your eyes on the dot at the top of the screen and slowly turn your head.

Once your scan is complete, you'll see a preview of your 3D model. Continue form there, and your scan will get uploaded to the EA servers. After that you can customize your avatar to make it look as identical to you as possible. You are now ready to play ball!

NBA Live ’16, is one of EA’s most popular games and with the NBA season wrapped up, there is no time like the present to live the excitement of the NBA season with a bunch of cool hacks and cheats to make the NBA Live an awesome gaming experience for you.


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