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We at gamingvlog.net are a bunch of self-confessed gaming addicts. There are many websites dedicated to gaming hacks but what makes us stand out is our pure dedication to mobile gaming. Gaming is our passion and we are always on the lookout for hacks, tricks and tips to level up faster in multitudes of mobile games that we play every day.

Instead of just providing links to hack tools, through this website we want to help our fellow mobile gamers with tips, hacks or cheats that we find extremely in most of the popular mobile games played.

Gaming has become an integral part of today’s lifestyle. It is a popular hobby across age groups, gender and demographics. There is a game for every person’s choice and preferences. Gaming aficionados are very passionate about it.

There are specific forums, groups, meetups related to games. Popular games have merchandise for sale as well as influence game themed products in consumer products. They also influence a lot of pop culture. A whole industry is thriving around gaming.

Brief Gaming Evolution:

Gaming started with video games which were usually played at arcades, and for those who could afford it, at home too! From there on it evolved to mini gaming consoles that could be installed at home by connecting it to television or monitor of a computer. Games were bought in form of cassettes. Later portable handheld gaming devices were launched initially by Nintendo. The gaming industry made huge developments that can be evident from the recent gaming consoles. Technologies such as motion sensor, virtual reality and the recently popular augmented reality have made the games almost life-like.

Advent of Mobile Gaming:

The mobile phone is an indispensable part of every human being’s life these days. The first ever game on a phone was Tetris. Snake is the most popular game to be played on a cell phone. The earlier mobile games were WAP based. Other games had to be purchased. The entry of smart phones enabled games to be downloaded from stores in form of apps. There are both free and paid games. Most of the free games also have a choice of in app purchases.

Types of Mobile Games:

  1. Casual games: These are simple games that can be played by anyone. They have a normal set of rules and simple interface. Examples could be Basketball shot, fruit slice etc.
  2. Puzzle & board games: Digitized version of real life board games played. For example, crosswords, tic-tac-toe etc.
  3. Social games: These are basically casual games with social network integration or games that are embedded in the social network website. These work by associating the games credits with social network factors such as share or friend invites. Example: Farmville, candy crush, best fiends etc.
  4. Multi-player games: These games help connect different real people to compete against each other in the game. Examples: Space team, real racing, Modern combat etc.
  5. Simulation games: These games try to merge or create real life scenarios in the game or create fictional reality. Examples: Sims, Shooting simulator etc.

Why hacks are so important in mobile games:

  1. Hacks let you innovate or create new ways of playing mobile games.
  2. It helps you to explore new dimensions in the game.
  3. Helps you level up faster.
  4. Gives you an edge over your competitors.
  5. Rescues you from difficult levels.
  6. Increases your knowledge and helps you to understand minute details and specifications that affect the game.

How gamingvlog.net can help you?

Beginner’s Guide:

If you are a beginner we help you to understand all the aspects of the game, well-illustrated by pictures, graphs, flowcharts and step by step procedure.

Provide valuable tips:

We provide all the tips that can be used to improve your performance in the game.

Our tips are not limited to just clearing levels but are focussed on excelling or scoring maximum available points or stars whichever applicable.

Devise new tricks:

We analyse the game thoroughly for you and derive tricks that can be deployed in the game. Like in battle arcade games we try different combination of cards and find the best performing ones to select for various battles.

Create and enlist all hacks:

We also enlist different hacks that make your gaming process easy.

Our hacks include ways to achieve or unlock unlimited sources of virtual money in form of coins, gems, points or stars etc. as per the game chosen.

We also provide you with genuine hack tools that can be installed and after following a few simple steps, you would be able to unlock unlimited amount of virtual resources.

Save your hard earned cash:

We save you from spending your valuable real world money on virtual resources.

Frequently updated:

We constantly keep updating our blog to keep you abreast about recent developments.

We also provide solutions for technical difficulties faced such as, software compatibility issues, optimal mobile power usage, saving on internet bills due to data consumption, rebooting or anti-crash techniques etc.

Active discussion thread:

We have an active forum especially for gamers where you can meet people who play the same games like you.

Forums can be extremely helpful in terms of discussion, clearing doubts, asking for help, request for virtual resources that can be transferred such as coins, extra lives, join teams etc.

New releases and launches:

Gamers are always on the lookout for newer interesting games. We keep searching for new app launches and releases and get as much information as we can to keep you updated. These may include game details, operating system, and compatible software, launch details etc.

To be summarised in a few words, we act as an encyclopaedia of the mobile gaming world. We are here to help you with the basic details of playing a game to providing simple hacks for the most complex level of games. Subscribe to our blog to receive regular updates, receive amazing tips and tricks, avail unbelievable hacks, watch step by step video tutorials and follow latest developments.